Experiment with light resistance and ATTINY


This sensor is able to read light amplitude. The potentiometer can change the photo-resistance sensibility.

  • This sensor could receive light from another and create a long chain reaction
  • The Attiny could make some math logarithm for different light reaction
  • The led can reproduce the light receiving situation (maybe with a delay like intelligent reaction)

Experiment with infrared proximity sensor LEDs and ATTINY


In this experiment, we managed to connect infrared LEDs to the ATTINY. The other one ( infrared receptor seem like LED) is used for read rebounding object light form a infrared led, acting as a simple proximity sensor. ( 3 feets ...)

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Experiment with piezzo and ATTINY


In this circuit, a piezzo reader directly records the sounds coming from the piezzo mic. The capacitor acts as a amplitude buffer to let the time for the ATTINY to read it (so this is not high definition audio).

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