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A sprite during the exhibition at Mains d'Oeuvres

The sprite is a small interactive sound object. Tiny, very low-cost, easy to make, it can be produced in large quantities and hidden in public places.

Residency at iMAL

Sam in the lab

From June 5th to July 5th, we will be in residency at iMAL. iMAL stands for "International Media Art Laboratory".

Talkoo: workshop at iMAL

Sam and his lemon guitar

We arrived at iMAL! From June 4 to 8, we participated to the Talkoo workshop.

Sleep mode on Atmega8/168 chips (Arduino)

There is a sleep mode available on Atmega chips, which makes them use only 10nA. See the following post on the Arduino website:

Mal au Pixel Exhibition

Image from the exhibition

On Monday, May 19 took place the opening of the exhibition of Mal Pixel Festival 2008 at Mains d'Oeuvres. Here are a few images.

Dorkbot Paris

Différentes façons de produire de l'électricité

Sunday, we participated to Dorkbot Paris. We presented Accrochages, with a focus on alternative methods to generate electricity.

Libraries and examples for ATtiny

A website that containts a set of methods / libs / tools for ATtiny programming. Needs further investigations...

Low-cost photo motion detector

Our motion detector

We were shopping the other day at St-Ouen's flea market and we bought two very effective motion detectors for 12 euros (yes, 12 euros for both of 'em!!!).

We opened them and found out they are actually pretty simple circuits. The plastic semi-transparent window in front is actually a decoy, which makes them look like infrared-based professional motion detectors. The truth is, the only active component seems to be nothing more than a photoresistor (!), most of the circuit being for playing different tones when a presence is detected.

Accrochages @ Mal au Pixel 2008

Mal au Pixel 2008 logo

From May 16th to 25th, Accrochages will be presented as part of the Mal au Pixel Festival of eletronic cultures. There will be a visit of the works on Sunday 25th during which the visitors will have the opportunity to observe and interact with the outside works.

We are already in St-Ouen since May 11th, working at Mains d'oeuvres, preparing for the Festival.

My e-bird

Me and my bird

Trying to cope up (somehow) with Sam's hyperactive work of the past few weeks, I started working on my own O/I-SO module. The plan is to build a small module with the following features:

  • Solar cell
  • Speaker
  • Photoresistor
  • Generative audio library
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