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Projet virevents: suite et fin

Sam avec le virevent

Nous prévoyons mercredi matin (2 juillet) un accrochage (!) du virevent qui nous a été prêté par la Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek.

Arduino sleep during daylight

Here is a code snippet inspired from the ArduinoSleepCode that makes an Arduino wake up at night.

Solar charger

An example of mounted circuit

Following our research on rechargeable batteries and the meeting with Bartaku we ran experiments using a simple solar charger.


EAGLE is a professional software for designing PCBs. It's also pretty useful to create schematics. It is multi-platform and there is a very good "light" freeware version. Get it here:

PhoEf: resources on solar energy

Yesterday we met Bartaku, an artist who works at foam right next door to iMAL. For one year, Bartaku has carried on a huge research on solar energy.

New idea: arrow

Mock-up in Processing

My experiments with light displays gave me the idea to produce an object that simply displays an arrow.

Photomotion sensor

Photomotion sensor mounted on a Sprite

The photomotion is a general method for a very low-cost, easy-to-build motion detector. It uses a simple photoresistor as a sensor and is triggered by quick variations in the light value.

Walkie Talkie hacking

Wednesday hacking

I tried to hack a pair of cheap (5 Euros) walkie-talkie that I bought in Paris. They work with 4 x 1.5V batteries (so 6V, but actually the batteries are kind of cheap so it makes 5V).

Rotative digital display

"S" for Supermen

As part of the residency at iMAL, we plan to work with wind-driven artworks along the channel.

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