After the Night

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Some pictures from last Saturday's intervention during the event Art Souterrain as part of the Montreal All-Nighter. The night was a success story: hundreds of people passed through the corridor located in the Palais des Congrès where we intervened.

The project, developed within a period of two weeks, involved for the first time human energy as power supply, through the use of hacked hand-rechargeable flashlights. Five modules were set, each one of them emitting sounds through a pair of speakers. Audio clips of birds were remixed "live" at random, with sound effects. Each module also included a "surprise" mating sound or a terrestrial animal (cat, chinchillas, frogs, cougars, fossas, human). The modules were attached to the metal ceiling with magnetic hooks.

Note: All photos were taken by our friend Alexis Bellavance from Perte de Signal. Thank you Alexis!

Please leave your comments if you've seen the work: we are eager to hear from you.


More images and a video

Some more content about the whole "Art Souterrain" event: