New collaboration in Halifax

Stephen looks towards Seeview Park Lookoff

I'm just back from a three days trip to Halifax.

Voltage metering circuit (with AVR)

A real voltmeter

No this is not a DIY multimeter... sorry fellows! :) But in a way it's much more useful for the electronic interventionist.

After the Night

General view

Some pictures from last Saturday's intervention during the event Art Souterrain as part of the Montreal All-Nighter.

Reset problem solved

Again! I faced this issue so many times and everytime I smash my head against the wall. Let me write this down for posterity.

Double PWM (Atmega644 pour effet stéréo)

Ce bout de code permet de générer du son en stéréo en utilisant deux sorties PWM d'un ATMEGA644.

#include < avr/io.h >

#define piezo PB3
#define piezo2 PB4

void InitTimer(void)

Montreal All-Nighter - February 28th

Mock-up of the installation

Sofian Audry and Samuel St-Aubin will present Accrochages as part of the 6th edition of the Montreal All-Nighter (Nuit Bl

Random random seed

The random() function of the AVR is pretty useful, however, since it is based on a seed, it will always deliver the same random numbers if the seed is the same.

Interesting facts about sun-powered devices

This page on Flex Solar Cells website displays very useful t

Notes on outlier detection

In signal processing / detection one of the main issues is that of outlier detection.

Public intervention at Comte de Flandres

Le module oi/so

Meet us Thursday, July 3, from 19h to 23h at place Comte de Flandres (in front of the subway exit) in Brussels.

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