The Team

Sofian Audry

Sofian Audry holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences and Mathematics and a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Montreal. Since 2004, he developed various installations and web projects, both individually and collectively. He joined the artist-run center Perte de Signal in 2005 and has recently completed a master's degree in Communication (UQAM, 2007). His work has been presented in Canada, Europe and Asia in many festivals and exhibition centers.

Influenced by an education in information processing and an interest in language modeling, Sofian Audry works in a niche that mixes new technologies with the social and cognitive mechanisms of the human being. His works are built using complex algorithms and process data generated by ingenious interfaces. He thus diverts the achievements of his scientific training by pursuing projects whose inventiveness explores issues related to the networking of defined entities and the management of dynamics caused by the passage of data. His works take the form of interactive montages, showing a research on the transformation of devices through time and the behaviors they generate. The dialogic nature of interactivity is thwarted because the artist focuses more on the imprint left in the work by the visitor. By moving, the later creates a dynamic and makes so that images, words, networks of association accumulate in a temporal evolution. In his recent work, Sofian Audry focuses on electronic interventions, this time incorporating technological objects in the natural environment to create new kinds of interactivity. The work enters a real life dynamic and takes place in its own position, thus distracting, if not modifying the order of things.

Samuel St-Aubin

Samuel St-Aubin has a college degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. Since 2003, he has been involved in many electronic and sound art projects. He lives and works in Montreal.

He has taken an active role within the Drone collective, creating rich electronic interfaces in the interactive installation produced by the group. Since then, he has worked with many different new technologies like Wireless sensors, micro processing (BS2, Arduino, Atmel) and realtime data processing.

Through the multiple art projects he has worked on, Samuel St-Aubin has developed a personal vision of electronic interactive art that he his continually nourrishing with new projects and ideas.

Sofian Audry and Samuel St-Aubin are both active members of artist-run center Perte de Signal.