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Reset problem solved

Again! I faced this issue so many times and everytime I smash my head against the wall. Let me write this down for posterity.

On the night before our intervention in Montreal we faced the problem again. Here are the steps to repeat it:

  1. Raise the voltage enough to start the AVR (in our case, we used a dynamo hacked from a torch)
  2. Let the voltage drop until the AVR stops
  3. When we raise the voltage again the AVR just refuses to work

We don't know exactly what causes this problem but we believe it has to do with the AVR reset. The following actions fixed it:

  1. Put a 0.1 uF capacitor between Vcc and GND in order to stabilize the input voltage
  2. Connect the RESET pin to Vcc to avoid resetting when the AVR is powered on


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